TRC results in AMASS

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Among AMASS partners, The REUSE Company (TRC) has played the role of a tool vendor. The company is specialized in the application of Semantic Representation and Analysis Technologies for systems engineering activities to a wide range of industries (Aerospace, Defense, Automotive, Naval, Health, Industrial machinery...), commercialising different tools with specific features. These tools are being and will be enhanced by incorporating the results that TRC has developed in AMASS.

In more specific terms, TRC has contributed to the development of solutions to link (a) system assurance and certification with (b) knowledge-centric systems engineering and quality analysis. The solutions enable:

  • Extended requirements quality analysis, thanks to the provision of new metrics and measurement procedures to assess the correctness, consistency, and completeness of requirements specifications.
  • Model quality analysis, by extending the capabilities to assess requirements specification to assess other system artefacts with a graphical and structured representation, such as SysML diagrams and Simulink models.
  • Quality evolution analysis, which allow quality managers and engineers to get a detailed picture of how the quality of a system artefact or set of artefacts has changed during a project as the artefacts or the quality measurement means used vary.
  • Checklist-based V&V, in order to extend automatic quality analyses with manual ones, supporting the configuration and tailoring of these analyses, and integrating their results in the overall quality view of a project.
  • Generic tool interoperability with the OSLC KM technology for a wide variety of system artefact types and formats, including SysML diagrams created with different tools, Simulink models, physical system models created with FMI/FMU, and MS Excel.
  • Extended and enhanced ad-hoc tool interoperability, e.g. for DOORS Next Generation, PTC Integrity, and Rhapsody.
  • Automated traceability management, thanks to the features of the Traceability Studio tool to configure traceability projects, capture trace links, asses and suggest links, and conduct change impact analysis.
  • Evolution management of system and certification information represented as an ontology, so that a user can first represent e.g. safety standards or a safety-critical system’s design as an ontology and next manage such representation by copying information from an ontology into another, merging them, or defining versions of the ontologies.
  • Data exchange between TRC tools and the AMASS Tool Platform, on the one hand to analyse system artefact information managed with the Platform, e.g. SysML diagrams, and on the other hand to enable the import of quality analysis results into the Platform as a part of the assurance evidence data of a project.
  • Advanced search of system assurance and certification information, by exploiting the semantics-based search features of the TRC tool suite in order to improve information finding for assurance reuse.

Givern their great potential, TRC will continue working on these technologies once AMASS finishes.