• Training on the Prototype P1
  • The AMASS Implementation Team has provided training on the Prototype P1 release of the AMASS platform. The event was divided into several sessions that were held between 25th and 31st January. The video recordings of the training sessions are available below.
  • Training on the Prototype P1: WP3 Session #1
    (26 Jan 2018)
    ■ Workflow overview
    ■ System Component Specification: Requirement specification
    ■ Requirement Formalization: Formalize requirements with formal properties, Contract editor with content assist
    ■ Requirement Early Validation: Metrics
    ■ Functional Refinement: Architectural refinement, Contract refinement, Contract-based views
    Training on the Prototype P1: WP3 Session #2
    (31 Jan 2018)
    ■ Components nominal and faulty behaviour definition
    ■ Functional early verification: Integration of CHESS and V&V tools, Contract refinement analysis, Contract validation, Contract-based verification of refinement
    ■ Safety analysis: Fault tree generation, Contract-based safety analysis
    ■ Safety Case: Generate product-based assurance arguments from CHESS model, Link architecture-related entities, Document generation
    ■ Upcoming features: Savona, Simulation-based Fault Injection, Requirement Early Validation
    Training on the Prototype P1: WP4 Session #1
    (25 Jan 2018)
    ■ Dependability assurance case modelling
    ■ Contract-based multi-concern assurance
    ■ System-dependability co-analysis: via Papyrus, via Safety Architect and via Concerto
    Training on the Prototype P1: WP4 Session #2
    (26 Jan 2018)
    ■ System dependability co-analysis: WEFACT training and via WEFACT
    Training on the Prototype P1: WP5 Session
    (26 Jan 2018)
    ■ OSLC KM integration in AMASS
    Training on the Prototype P1: WP6 Session
    (24 Jan 2018)
    ■ Introduction to filtering at Assurance Project generation by Criticality/Applicability level
    ■ Reuse Assistant
    ■ Compliance Map Report
    ■ Management of Families-Lines: Variability Management support at process level and at component level, cross-concern variability management
    ■ Semi-automatic generation of Arguments: Product arguments and process arguments











  • Training on the Core Prototype
  • The AMASS Implementation Team provided internal training on the Core Prototype release of the AMASS platform developed by the partners. The event was divided into two sessions. Each session took place over roughly two hours, and the sessions were held on the 6th and 8th February 2017 at 13:00 and 11:00 respectively.
  • Training on the Core Prototype: Session 1
    (6 Feb 2017)
    ■ Installation Opencert + CHESS
    ■ Installation EPF Composer
    ■ General approach
    ■ Standards Modelling (OpenCert)
    ■ Assurance Project (OpenCert)
    ■ Evidence Management (Opencert)
    Training on the Core Prototype: Session 2
    (8 Feb 2017)
    ■ EPF for Process Modelling
    ■ Argumentation Specification (OpenCert)
    ■ System Component Specification - Papyrus & CHESS
    ■ Compliance Management (OpenCert)










  • Training on Baseline solutions
  • This first training event focused on presenting the outcomes from previous projects the consortium partners were involved in, such as OPENCOSS, SafeCer and CHESS. The event was divided into three sessions: the first two on 9th May 2016 and the last one on the 11th May 2016.
  • OPENCOSS session
    (9 May 2016)
    ■ General Overview
    ■ Compliance Management
    ■ Argumentation Management
    ■ Evidence Management
    ■ Cross Domain Reuse
    SafeCer session
    (9 May 2016)
    ■ SafeCer Project
    ■ Component Model/CHESS
    ■ Enabling generation and reuse of safety argument-fragments
    ■ Contract based analysis with OCRA
    ■ Process lines, assurance case lines, generation & reuse
    ■ Compliance, argumentation management
    Miscellany session
    (11 May 2016)
    ■ Safety and Security co-engineering
    ■ The MERgE Project
    ■ Model-based Safety & Security Framework
    ■ OSLC and CRYSTAL Project
    ■ CRYSTAL: RBE Approach

















  •  Training on Technologies for Seamless Interoperability
  • In this event, industrial partners in AMASS showed the rest of consortium how their tools could interoperate in the AMASS platform. The event was divided into two sessions, which were held on the 21st and 23rd June 2016.
  • Part 1 (21 June 2016)
    ■ Medini Analyze
    ■ Chess
    ■ Contract-Based Architectural Design with OCRA
    ■ The xSAP safety Analysis Platform
    Part 2 (23 June 2016)
    ■ TRC Tools interoperability
    ■ Papyrus
    ■ RVS Coverage
    ■ Safety Architect