System modelling in AMASS with Papyrus

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Among the existing open technologies that the AMASS consortium has chosen to build the AMASS Tool Platform, Papyrus is one of the main technological solutions selected. More concretely, Papyrus will support system modelling in AMASS.

Papyrus is an open source Eclipse-based tool that enables the design, analysis, and development of Cyber-Physical Systems. It provides a highly extendable modelling environment that supports a large set of OMG modelling languages and ISO standards, e.g. UML, SysML, and BPMN, as well as definition of DSML and UML profiles. The tool provides advanced customization mechanisms using any notation (text, symbols, style sheets) to define dedicated properties view, palette, diagrams, and tables that are best suited to user needs. Papyrus also comes with a set of additional components targeting specific engineering concerns of Cyber-Physical Systems. Hence the Papyrus family of products offers capabilities for (1) requirements management, (2) system architecture specification, (3) process modelling, (4) co-simulation, (5) architecture optimization, reconfiguration and code generation, (6) safety and security analyses, (7) variability and product-line, (8) runtime monitoring, (9) formal verification and testing, (10) and collaborative work. With these add-ons, the tool can offer a ready-to-use toolchain for specific domains and applications, e.g., automotive, avionics, railway, robotic, IoT, etc.

In AMASS, Papyrus together with the CHESS profile extension constitute the basic building block that supports the System Component Specification. The tool allows modelling of system architectures and requirements using UML and SysML profiles. Future implementation work for the AMASS Tool Platform is expected to exploit the Papyrus integration facility with CDO repositories. It is also worth noting that Papyrus provides interoperability features with other tools and languages already used by the AMASS consortium and that are intended to be plugged to AMASS platform, such as Rhapsody, Enterprise Architect, Simulink, NuSMV, XFTA, DOORS (using ReqIF), Microsoft tools, Autosar, and Svn/Git.