The SASSUR 2017 workshop has been successfully held!

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SASSUR 2017, the 6th International Workshop on Next Generation of System Assurance Approaches for Safety-Critical Systems, was held on September 12, 2017, in Trento, Italy, as a SAFECOMP 2017 workshop. SASSUR is one of the key events for scientific dissemination in AMASS, and the project supported the organisation of the workshop.

Over 25 people attended the workshop, including people from academia and from industry. Among the AMASS partners, Alejandra Ruiz (TEC) and Jose Luis de la Vara (UC3) participated in the workshop as co-organisers, and Helmut Martin (VIF) and Irfan Sljivo (MDH) presented a paper each.

The keynote speaker was Johnny Marques, Principal Product Development Engineer and responsible for Software Quality Assurance at Embraer. Embraer produces commercial, military, executive and agricultural aircrafts and provides aeronautical services. Johnny presented a set of metrics to assess and monitor compliance with RTCA DO-178C, explaining how they have been developed and how they are used at Embraer.

SASSUR papers were divided into three main general areas: safety standards, safety & cybersecurity engineering, and runtime assessment. The main topics of the accepted papers are compliance management with ontologies, extension of safety standards with cybersecurity aspects, safety and security co-engineering, extension of safety standard practices for supplier selection, runtime risk assessment, and degradation cascades of car platoons.

A panel on assurance of safety and security was also organised. Laurent Fabre, Marion Lepmets, and Johnny Marques were the panellists, and Tim Kelly was the moderator. Among the main aspects discussed, the participants referred to challenges and needs for joint education on safety and security, for assurance processes combination, integration, and harmonisation, and for the generation of more knowledge.

It is expected that a new edition of SASSUR will be held next year at SAFECOMP 2018 in Västerås, Sweden.