The role of EPF in AMASS

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The AMASS consortium is already working on the development of the technological solutions of which the AMASS Tool Platform will consist. This work is adopting and extending existing open technologies. EPF (Eclipse Process Framework) is an example of such technologies.

EPF provides an approach to support customisable (software) process engineering frameworks. The approach enables the separation of the definition of reusable process elements, such as units of work, roles, guidelines, and work products, from the creation of process models via reuse. Its tool support (EPF Composer) is based on the SPEM (Software & Systems Process Engineering Metamodel specification) OMG standard.

In AMASS, the EPF approach is expected to be strengthened via the provision of certification-oriented reusable process elements, capability patterns, variability management within and beyond specific application domains as well as concerns (e.g. safety and security), and finally visualisation and HTML-based deployment of process models, including their compliance status. The EPF approach will further help in meeting the following general needs for CPS assurance and certification:
- Development teams need easy and centralised access to the information: it will be possible to distribute and easily visualise assurance process-related information.
- Ensure compliance to standardised practices: it will be possible to show compliance with standards’ requirements.
- Teams need support for right-sizing their processes: it will be possible to answer the question “How much process” when moving from one criticality level to another within the same standard, as well as when moving from one standard to another in the same or a different application domain.

The work on the adoption and extension of EPF will be reported soon in AMASS implementation delivereables.