External Advisory Board

The External Advisory Board (EAB) consists of relevant and influential persons from the aerospace/avionics, railway, medical and automotive domains, including also persons from regulatory authorities in these domains. Its members are international experts from regulatory companies, standardization committees, and open source initiatives. They have agreed to give AMASS meaningful help on a regular basis in many different areas, including safety critical certification regulations, technological development, European policies, and outreach. EAB advises the AMASS technical coordinator in its strategic technical decision-making process and the standardization & community building activities. It promotes the framework towards certification authorities and other important players in the certification domain.

The Advisory Board Coordinator (ABC) coordinating the EAB activities is Huáscar Espinoza (TECNALIA).

List of EAB Members

 Company  Contact Person(s) Role 
 ARM Antonio Priore  Multi-industry consultancy for engineering, technology, project innovation and strategy
 Renault Javier Ibañez-Guzmán  Car manufacturer
 Mondragon Goi Eskola Polit. J.M.A. S.COOP Miren Illarramendi  University (Miren is expert on safety-critical embedded systems)
University of York Tim Kelly University (Tim is expert on assurance cases)
 Embraer Johnny Marques  Airborne manufacturer
 LFV Anders Sandin  Air control traffic services
 Critical System Labs (CSL) Laurent Fabre Engineering consultancy/management of safety risk and security vulnerabilities associated with complex software-intensive systems
 NASA  Ganesh Pai Robust Software Engineering (RSE) technical area, of the Intelligent Systems Division (Code TI)
CrossControl AB Markus Wallmyr CPS engineering services and products
Spinet Timo Varkoi  Nuclear domain expertise/assessor
SoftComply Marion Lepmets Medical domain
MAGNA STEYR Engineering AG & Co KG Kurt Tschabuschnig Automotive Tier 1 - Engineering Services, Complete Vehicle Engineering and Production
CAF Pascual Bretón, Raquel Arriba  Railway, train manufacturer

EAB tasks

The main task of the EAB members is to provide strategic guidance and support to the AMASS consortium to ensure that the results meet the project’s objectives. The responsibilities and duties of the EAB members shall be the following:

  • Reviewing the project outcomes and identification of its strong/weak points with respect to the objectives of the project and the application of its results.
  • Commenting on the consortium’ skills and the relevance of their proposals and actions.
  • Linking the consortium to other international research efforts.
  • Promoting the exposure of AMASS activities to industry.

To achieve the above tasks, the EAB undertakes the following activities:

  • Attending the EAB meetings, planned once a year, to give feedback on the results achieved in the previous year, to establish plans for the coming 12-months and other issues where feedback is needed;
  • Providing feedback about and linking AMASS to international research, reports, conferences, etc. on the initiative of the EAB-member;
  • Providing ad-hoc feedback when requested by the project leader and the technical coordinator on various issues.

EAB Workshops

Meetings dedicated to the EAB communication are held in order to present to the EAB members the progress of work of the AMASS project:

  • Workshop #1 (11-12 September 2017, Trento (Italy)): First Prototype: Core AMASS Platform Validated in Laboratory
  • Workshop #2 (17 September 2018, Västerås (Sweden)): Second Prototype: Full AMASS Platform Validated in Laboratory
  • Workshop #3 (March 2019): Final Prototype: Full AMASS Platform Validated in Relevant Environment

First EAB Workshop

The first workshop with the members of the AMASS EAB (External Advisory Board) was held in Trento, Italy, on September 11th, at FBK premises. Twenty-four people attended the workshop, including 10 EAB members: Miren Illarramendi, Timo Varkoi, Johnny Marques, Marion Lepmets, Anders Sandin, Kurt Tschabuschnig, Laurent Fabre, and Tim Kelly.


 Report of the First EAB workshop

Agenda and Presentations

Start   End  Description  Speaker
09:00 09:30   Project Outline  Huáscar Espinoza
09:30 10:00  Technical Overview Barbara Gallina 
10:00 10:30 Selected Case Studies Benito Caracuel, Helmut Martin and Thierry Lecomte 
10:30 11:00 Coffee Break   
11:00  11:50  Project Outreach and Community Building  Ran Bi and Gaël Blondelle 
11:50 12:20 Intra and Cross-Domain Reuse Barbara Gallina 
12:30 13:30  Lunch   
13:30  14:00  Architecture-Driven Assurance Stefano Puri 
14:00 14:30  Multi-concern Assurance Thomas Gruber 
14:30  15:00 Seamless Interoperability José Luis de la Vara 
15:00 16:30  EAB Feedback Brainstorming  Moderated by Huáscar Espinoza 
16:30 17:00  Coffee Break   
17:00 17:30 Wrap-up  Moderated by Huáscar Espinoza