AMASS results have been evaluated as remarkable in the second project review!

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The second AMASS project review was held on June 7th, 2018, at ECSEL premises in Brussels. As in the first review, the expert external reviewers were Philippe Baufreton, from SAFRAN Electronics & Defense, and Christopher Johnson, from the University of Glasgow.

The AMASS consortium presented the progress made during the second project year. This included a project overview, the general technical vision, and dedicated presentations on architecture-driven assurance, multi-concern assurance, seamless interoperability, cross- and intra-domain reuse, the industrial case studies, industrial impact and community building, and exploitation, dissemination, and standardization.

The review team considered that the project is progressing very well and has achieved all the objectives for the second year. They also appreciated that the recommendations from previous reviews were all appropriately addressed, the quality of the deliverables is high, and partners’ commitment. According to the review team, AMASS has achieved some remarkable results so far, dissemination activities continue to be very good, good work is being performed with the External Advisory Board, exploitations intentions are promising, and the management of the project is excellent and resilient to changes in the project.

As main recommendations, special attention must be paid in the third project year to the industrial case studies (training needs, inclusion of policy makers, and further consideration of security, of cross-domain, and of cyber-physical aspects aspect), tool evaluation criteria for inclusion in the AMASS toolset, and how to facilitate industrial adoption of the AMASS Tool Platform.

The AMASS consortium is now looking forward to next year’s final project review, at which the work for the third version of the AMASS Tool Platform will be presented. This includes conceptual and research development, tool development, and case study development.