AMASS Prototype P1

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The AMASS consortium has been working on the second version of the AMASS Tool Platform (Prototype P1) during the last year. The implementation and its validation have already finished, and the Prototype is currently being applied and evaluated in the project case studies.

Prototype P1 implementation has been documented in several deliverables in WP3, WP4, WP5, and WP6. Among the implemented new features, the Prototype supports:

  • For architecture-driven assurance, contract-based validation of component composition, management of contract-component assignments, improved V&V results overview, advanced contract definition, and enhanced requirements quality analysis.
  • For multi-concern assurance, argument architecture specification, advanced features for application of argument patterns, argument import and export, generation of compositional arguments, inter-concern relationship specification and analysis, contract-based multi-concern assurance, multi-concern assurance workflow, and co-assessment and cross-concern reuse.
  • For seamless interoperability, new traceability features, new integration possibilities with V&V tools (V&V Manager and OCRA), implementation of OSLC-KM approach for generic tool interoperability, and preliminary collaborative features by means of web-based technologies and data mining.
  • For cross- and intra-domain assurance reuse, enhanced compliance management, extended reuse assistance, reusable-artefact search for reuse discovery, semi-automatic generation of process and of product arguments, and variability management from different perspectives.

Prototype P1 validation has been performed in the scope of WP2. The conclusions from the validation include that most of the planned functionality for the Prototype has been implemented and successfully tested, that special attention must be paid in future validation activities to testing of cross-WP requirements, and that there exists room for improvement in the specification of test cases.

Based on Prototype P1, the work for the final version of the AMASS Tool Platform (Prototype P2) has also already started. The main current focus is on its conceptual design, including the necessary approaches to realise the AMASS vision for CPS assurance and certification and tool support design.