AMASS presence at SAFECOMP 2016

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As explained in a prior post, AMASS contributed to the organization of the SASSUR workshop at SAFECOMP 2016, the 35th International Conference on Computer Safety, Reliability and Security.  The AMASS “white paper” was presented at SASSUR. In addition, some AMASS partners participated in other SAFECOMP events.

Stefano Tonetta (FBK) participated in the main conference, the EWICS meeting, and the workshops. He presented a paper related to another project (CATSY). At the end of the conference, Stefano presented a few slides on the next edition of SAFECOMP to be held in Trento, which he will co-organise with Erwin Schoitsch (AIT).

Barbara Gallina and Irfan Sljivo (both from MDH) attended and contributed to SAFECOMP actively.  They co-authored two papers. “Configuration-aware contracts” was presented by Irfan at the ASSURE 2016 workshop, and “Towards Cloud-Based Enactment of Safety-Related Processes” was presented by Sami Alajrami (University of Newcastle) at the main conference. In addition, Barbara was the chair of the Safety Assurance session at SAFECOMP, which hosted interesting discussions on automatic generation of process-based arguments from process models (currently a work area in AMASS), as well as on safety standards and their lack of explicit rationale. Finally, Barbara presented an overview of the AMASS project at the EWICS meeting.

In summary, SAFECOMP 2016 has been a great opportunity for AMASS to disseminate the project vision and some initial results. AMASS partners are looking forward to SAFECOMP 2017 to repeat the large and successful participation.