AMASS meeting in Vienna

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AIT hosted an AMASS meeting in Vienna on July 5th and 6th. The overall purpose of the meeting was to discuss the baseline work from which the project needs to develop the AMASS Reference Tool Architecture (ARTA), the Common Assurance and Certification Metamodel (CACM), and the approaches for multi-concern assurance and for cross- and intra-domain assurance reuse. In-depth discussions took place about the existing solutions that AMASS could reuse, as well as about the challenges to tackle.

After presenting an overview of SafeCer (AIT, INT & MDH) and OPENCOSS (TEC & UC3), how to create a first version of the ARTA and the CACM from the results of both projects was discussed. It was concluded that the results from SafeCer and OPENCOSS can be combined so that AMASS takes advantage of both, and that a deeper analysis of certain modelling languages and metamodels is necessary to determine how AMASS can use them, e.g. the current work on the Structured Assurance Case Metamodel and the Common Variability Language. The analysis of the combination and of the languages and metamodels will also enable the study of possible solutions for cross- and intra-domain assurance reuse.

For multi-concern assurance, AIT presented current standardization work and the basis for security assurance. Several standardization initiatives from different application domains are dealing with both safety and security aspects, and some with the general concern of dependability. MDH presented its vision for the design of the multi-concern assurance approach, focused on argumentation needs and component contract-related aspects.

The results from the meeting will be materialised in the next months in several requirements-related and baseline deliverables from technical work packages.