4th AMASS General Meeting

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The AMASS consortium gathered together in Brno on September 27th, 28th and 29th for the 4th General Meeting of the project. The meeting was hosted by Honeywell. Forty-three people attended the meeting. They outlined the work performed during the third semester of the project, presented the ongoing work, and discussed the work in the next six months. Both technical and non-technical aspects were covered.

The discussions on technical aspects included the areas that will be covered in the case studies for the second prototype of the AMASS Tool Platform (aka prototype P1), how to effectively integrate the different metamodels and tools of the Platform for architecture-driven assurance, multi-concern assurance, seamless interoperability, and assurance reuse, what type of information should be provided as methodological guidance to use AMASS results, and the overall plan for implementation finalisation, validation, and evaluation of the prototype P1.

Regarding the non-technical aspects, a summary of the recent EAB workshop was presented, the general strategy for the creation of the AMASS open-source community and information about how to manage the community were reminded, the need for starting to materialise the industrial adoption plan was discussed, and the recent progress on and the upcoming needs for exploitation, dissemination, training, and standardisation were reported. The dissemination events to consider include the ICSR 2018 and SAFECOMP 2018 conferences, and a special issue on CPS V&V.

Among the deliverables that will materialise the meeting outcomes, all the technical development workpackages (WP3-6) will have their deliverables for design, implementation, and methodological guidance, for the prototype P1, released by the end of the year. The result from the validation of these outcomes will reported in WP2 by January 2018, and from their application and evaluation in the case studies in WP1 by March 2018, when the next AMASS general meeting will take place.