2nd AMASS General Meeting

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The AMASS consortium gathered together in Munich on October 27th and 28th for the 2nd General Meeting of the project. The meeting was hosted by Infineon at its headquarters, and 47 people attended the meeting, with representatives from all the partners. The attendees outlined the work performed in the project during its first six months, presented the ongoing work, and discussed the work in the next six months to reach the project objectives. Both technical and non-technical aspects were covered.

The main decisions on technical aspects include the specification of a detailed plan among the different technical WPs for coordinated prototype development, the beginning of data collection of the industrial case studies, and the adoption of a case study-driven approach to work in WP3-6 and show their expected outcomes. Regarding the non-technical aspects, the AMASS consortium is about to finish its initial “Exploitation Plans and Initial Market Megatrends Analysis” (D8.2) and has to start further working on the consolidation of the External Advisory Board, the Industrial Adoption Program, and the creation of the AMASS open-source project. Dissemination (including publication writing) and training are progressing well, and work on standardisation will formally start next year.

Most discussions and decisions will be materialised in the upcoming months in several deliverables. The main one will arguably be the first prototype of the AMASS platform (core prototype), resulting from the implementation work in WP3-6, its integration and validation in WP2, and its application and evaluation in WP1 through the industrial case studies.