AMASS results have been evaluated as remarkable in the second project review!

The second AMASS project review was held on June 7th, 2018, at ECSEL premises in Brussels.

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Fourth semester of AMASS (and new newsletter)

AMASS has already entered into its last year towards the provision of the European-wide open platform and community for assurance and certification of cyber-physical systems! This post summarises the progress made during the fourth semester of the project, complementing previous posts on e.g.

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Safety Architect and Cyber Architect Tools in AMASS

The AMASS consortium has chosen to build the AMASS Tool Platform around existing open technologies, e.g OpenCert for management of assurance and compliance, and Papyrus and CHESS for system component specificatio

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BVR tool in AMASS

Among the tools that AMASS reuses and exploits for cross- and intra-domain assurance reuse, the BVR tool supports the management of product lines.

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5th AMASS General Meeting

The AMASS consortium gathered together in Vienna on March 21st, 22nd and 23rd for the 5th General Meeting of the project. The meeting was hosted by AIT. Forty-six people attended the meeting.

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AMASS workshop on automotive case studies

A workshop on the AMASS automotive case studies was successfully held at Assystem Germany on January 30, 2018, in Berlin.

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AMASS Prototype P1

The AMASS consortium has been working on the second version of the AMASS Tool Platform (Prototype P1) during the last year.

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New AMASS training videos

Sessions for training users in the new versions of the AMASS tools (Prototype P1) have been arranged at the end of January. These sessions have complemented past ones on baselines solutions and on the Core Prototype. Their videos are available on the AMASS website and the AMASS YouTube channel.

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AMASS youtube channel

A YouTube channel with videos about the results of AMASS and about the technologies used for their development has been created recently:

It currently includes a demo of the Core Prototype and videos of the past training sessions. The videos are also available on the AMASS website:

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Second Version of the AMASS Reference Tool Architecture

The AMASS Reference Tool Architecture (ARTA) is a conceptual entity that embodies a common set of tool interfaces/adaptors, working methods, tool usage methodologies, and protocols that will allow any stakeholder of the assurance and certification process to seamlessly integrate their activities (e.g., product engineering, external/independent assessment, component/parts supply) into tool chains adapted to the specific needs of the targeted CP

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