Cross- and Intra-Domain Reuse

BVR tool in AMASS

Among the tools that AMASS reuses and exploits for cross- and intra-domain assurance reuse, the BVR tool supports the management of product lines.

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The role of EPF in AMASS

The AMASS consortium is already working on the development of the technological solutions of which the AMASS Tool Platform will consist. This work is adopting and extending existing open technologies. EPF (Eclipse Process Framework) is an example of such technologies.

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The AMASS baseline deliverables have been published

The AMASS deliverables that present the baseline for the project have already been published. These deliverables review the state of the art and the state of the practice related to the four scientific and technical objectives of the project: Architecture-Driven Assurance, Multi-Concern Assurance, Seamless Interoperability, and Cross- and Intra-Domain Reuse.

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