Second EAB workshop

The second workshop with the members of the AMASS EAB (External Advisory Board) was held in Västerås, Sweden, on September 17th. The workshop was hosted by MDH at the Aros Congress Center facilities. Eighteen people attended the workshop, including 8 EAB members: Miren Illarramendi, Timo Varkoi, Anders Sandin, Laurent Fabre, Thor Myklebust, Markus Wallmyr, Marion Lepmets and Kurt Tschabuschnig.


  Report of the Second EAB workshop

Agenda and Presentations

Start   End  Description  Speaker
09:00 09:30   Welcome and Project Outline  Garazi Juez (TEC)
09:30 10:00  Technical Overview Barbara Gallina (MDH)
10:00 10:30 2nd AMASS Platform Prototype: An overview Huscar Espinoza (CEA)
10:30 11:00 Coffee Break   
11:00  11:45
AMASS Usage Scenario 1: Architecture Refinement by using Safety Assessment Stefano Puri (INT)
11:45 12:30 AMASS Usage Scenario 2: Process & Product Configuration and Compliance Management Barbara Gallina  (MDH)
12:30 13:30  Lunch   
13:30  14:15
AMASS Usage Scenario 3: Toolchain for system specification and quality assessment José Luis de la Vara (UC3)
14:15 15:00 AMASS Usage Scenario 4: Safety and security co-assessment Thomas Gruber  (AIT)
15:00  15:30 Project Outreach and Community Building Ran Bi (RPT) and Gaël Blondelle (ECL)
15:30 16:00  Coffee Break   
16:00 17:00 EAB Feedback and Brainstorming Moderated by Huáscar Espinoza (CEA) and Gáel Blondelle (ECL)
17:00 17:30 Wrap-up  Moderated by Huáscar Espinoza and Gäel Blondelle (ECL)