The work of the project is divided into nine (9) work packages (figure below), organized into three (3) main groups: 

  • Global Architecture and Benchmark. This includes the development of the overall AMASS reference architecture (WP2) and the Industrial Use Cases for evaluation of results (WP1). WP2 also co-ordinates the integration work of the technical work packages, ensuring that all the methods and tools form a coherent and usable whole. Industrial Case Studies (CS1-CS11) will also provide feedback to the technical development of the project.
  • Technical Development. It is in WP3-WP6 that the core technical R&D work of the project will be carried out. All the AMASS meta-models, methods and tools are developed in these technical work packages.
  • Project Governance and Outreach. WP7, WP8 and WP9 provide general support for the other work packages. WP7 defines the main industrial outreach strategy and the AMASS community building maintenance. WP8 targets exploitation, training, dissemination and standardization of project goals. WP9 contains main project management and reporting tasks, including project management activities for the consortium partners and the project coordination activities.

The Technical Committee (TC) is responsible for the daily operation of the project, taking and implementing appropriate decisions. The overall management responsibilities are summarized in the table below.

Role Name Organization
Project Manager Alejandra Ruiz
Former: Huascar Espinoza
Quality Manager Cristina Martinez Tecnalia
Technical Manager Barbara Gallina MDH
Exploitation Manager Antoine Colin Rapita Systems
Innovation Manager Philippe Krief Eclipse Foundation
Standardization Coordinator Erwin Schoitsch AIT
External Advisory Board (EAB) Coordinator Huáscar Espinoza
WP1 Leader Miguel Gomez Thales Alenia Space
WP2 Leader Alejandra Ruiz Tecnalia
WP3 Leader Stefano Puri Intecs
WP4 Leader Thomas Gruber AIT
WP5 Leader Jose Luis de la Vara Universidad Carlos III
WP6 Leader Barbara Gallina MDH
WP7 Leader Philippe Krief Eclipse Foundation
WP8 Leader Antoine Colin Rapita Systems
WP9 Leader Alejandra Ruiz Tecnalia