New AMASS training videos

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Sessions for training users in the new versions of the AMASS tools (Prototype P1) have been arranged at the end of January. These sessions have complemented past ones on baselines solutions and on the Core Prototype. Their videos are available on the AMASS website and the AMASS YouTube channel.

For WP3, the presenters explained a workflow overview, requirement specification for system component specification, requirements formalization, requirements early validation through metrics, and functional refinement (architectural refinement, contract refinement, contract-based views). Another session addressed components nominal and faulty behaviour definition, functional early verification, safety analysis, safety cases, and upcoming features for Savona, simulation-based fault injection, and requirements early validation.

In the scope of WP4, the training content was dependability assurance case modelling, contract-based multi-concern assurance, system-dependability co-analysis (with Papyrus, Safety Architect, and Concerto), and WEFACT.

WP5 partners described the integration of the OSLC-KM approach in the AMASS Tool Platform. Other tool integration capabilities were presented in the scope of WP3.

Finally, the WP6 features explained were filtering during assurance project generation by criticality/applicability level, reuse assistant, compliance map report, management of families-lines, and semi-automatic generation of arguments.

New training sessions are expected to be arranged in the future. Their recordings will be published too.