AMASS presence at SAFECOMP 2018

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As explained in a prior post, AMASS contributed to the organization of the SASSUR workshop at SAFECOMP 2018, the 37th International Conference on Computer Safety, Reliability and Security. In addition, AMASS partners participated in other SAFECOMP events.

SAFECOMP 2018 was organized by Barbara Gallina (MDH). Many other AMASS partners participated in the conference, including AIT, ALT, SPS, CEA, and TEC. The conference was co-located with five workshops, including SASSUR, DecSOS (organized by AIT; co-chair Erwin Schoitsch), and WAISE (organized by CEA; co-chair Huascar Espinoza). 

The International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence Safety Engineering (WAISE) was dedicated to explore new ideas on AI safety, ethically aligned design, regulations, and standards for AI-based systems. WAISE brought together experts, researchers, and practitioners from diverse communities, such as AI, safety engineering, ethics, standardization, certification, robotics, cyber-physical systems, safety-critical systems, and application domain communities. AMASS members from INT, AMT and CEA participated as PC members for WAISE 2018.

Erwin Schoitsch (AIT) was the chair of the Multi-concern assurance session at the main conference, which hosted interesting discussions on safety and security concerns in the automotive domain. The conference featured three keynotes around the conference main theme, which was cross- and intra- domain reuse of engineering and certification artefacts: challenges and opportunities. A panel discussion on the main theme was also held. This gave the opportunity to brainstorm around challenges which are shared by AMASS-STO4 (Cross- and Intra- Domain Reuse).

AMASS work on STO4-related results was also presented at the exhibition by MDH-team members (Irfan Sljivo, Zulqarnain Haider, Faiz Ul Muram, Muhammad Atif Javed, Julieth Patricia Castellanos Ardila). SPS presented a fast abstract.

In summary, SAFECOMP 2018 has been a great opportunity to present the progress of AMASS in front of an international audience with more than 180 participants coming from 21 different countries. AMASS partners are looking forward to SAFECOMP 2019 to repeat the large and successful participation.

Last but not least, SAFECOMP 2018 proceedings are freely available until October 16, 2018.