AMASS presence at SAFECOMP 2017

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As explained in a prior post, AMASS contributed to the organization of the SASSUR workshop at SAFECOMP 2017, the 36th International Conference on Computer Safety, Reliability and Security. In addition, AMASS partners participated in other SAFECOMP events.

SAFECOMP 2017 was organized by the AMASS partners Erwin Schoitsch (AIT) and Stefano Tonetta (FBK). Many other AMASS partners participated in the conference, including B&M, CEA, MDH, ViF, and Tecnalia. The conference was co-located with four workshops, including SASSUR and DecSOS (organized by AIT; co-chair Erwin Schoitsch), and with the 5th International Symposium on Model Based Safety Assessment (IMBSA 2017) organized by FBK (co-chair Marco Bozzano).  Barbara Gallina (MDH) was the chair of the “Safety and Security” session at the main conference, which hosted interesting discussions on co-engineering of safety and security. She also presented the EWICS-SEC sub-group and its current agenda during the session dedicated to EWICS.

The conference was a great opportunity to present the progress of the AMASS project in front of an international audience with more than 150 participants coming from 22 different countries. The list of presentations by AMASS partners is as follows.


  • Arguing on Software-Level Verification Techniques Appropriateness, by Carmen Carlan, Barbara Gallina, Severin Kacianka and Ruth Breu
  • A Strategy for Assessing Safe Use of Sensors in Autonomous Road Vehicles, by Rolf Johansson, Samieh Alissa, Staffan Bengtsson, Carl Bergenhem, Olof Bridal, Anders Cassel, De-Jiu Chen, Martin Gassilewski, Jonas Nilsson, Anders Sandberg, Stig Ursing, Fredrik Warg and Anders Werneman
  • Early Safety Assessment of Automotive Systems Using Sabotage Simulation-Based Fault Injection Framework, by Garazi Juez, Estibaliz Amparan, Ray Lattarulo, Alejandra Ruiz, Joshue Perez and Huascar Espinoza
  • Systematic Pattern Approach for Safety and Security Co-Engineering in the Automotive Domain, by Tiago Amorim, Helmut Martin, Zhendong Ma, Christoph Schmittner, Daniel Schneider, Georg Macher, Bernhard Winkler, Martin Krammer and Christian Kreiner


  • Representation of Safety Standards with Semantic Technologies Used in Industrial Environments, by Jose Luis de La Vara, Álvaro Gómez, Elena Gallego, Gonzalo Génova and Anabel Fraga
  • Safety and Security Co-Engineering and Argumentation Framework, by Helmut Martin, Robert Bramberger, Christoph Schmittner, Zhendong Ma, Thomas Gruber, Alejandra Ruiz and Georg Macher
  • Assuring Degradation Cascades of Car Platoons via Contracts, by Irfan Sljivo, Barbara Gallina and Bernhard Kaiser


  • Security and Privacy in the Automotive domain: a Technical and Social Analysis, by Zhendong Ma, Walter Seböck, Bettina Pospisil, Christoph Schmittner and Thomas Gruber


  • Timed Failure Propagation Analysis for Spacecraft Engineering: The ESA Solar Orbiter Case Study, by Benjamin Bittner, Marco Bozzano and Alessandro Cimatti
  • SafeConcert: a Metamodel for a Concerted Safety Modeling of Socio-Technical Systems, by Leonardo Montecchi and Barbara Gallina

In summary, SAFECOMP 2017 has been a great opportunity for AMASS to disseminate the project vision and results. AMASS partners are looking forward to SAFECOMP 2018 to repeat the large and successful participation.