The AMASS Open Industrial Workshop has been successfully held!

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The AMASS Open Industrial Workshop has been held on March 28th, 2019, in Florence, Italy. The event was co-located with the DATE 2019 conference (Design, Automation and Test in Europe).

The workshop was targeted at both practitioners and researchers aiming to gain awareness of the latest advances on cost-effective assurance and certification of safety-critical systems, and of how the corresponding solutions work. AMASS partners presented practical aspects and concrete application examples of the main AMASS results in two overall sessions: Introduction to the AMASS concepts and methodology, and Application of the AMASS approach, including demos and hands-on activities.

Twelve people register for the workshop, including both researchers and practitioners. The speakers from the AMASS consortium were Alejandra Ruiz (TEC), Alberto Debiasi (FBK), and Stefano Puri (INT). The event agenda included the following topics:

  • AMASS introduction
    • Architecture-driven assurance
    • Architecture-driven assurance workflow and functionalities
    • Compliance and reuse
    • Toolchain connectivity
    • OSLC
    • Co-engineering
  • Demos
    • P1 video
    • CS4 - GMV
  • Exercise
    • Argument fragments generation
    • Concerto FLA multi-concerns dependability analysis
    • SenseSpacecraftRate (with contracts, state machines and error models; and with parameterized architecture)
    • Sabotage
    • Opencert (modelling of standards and of evidence, and compliance management)

The overall feedback on AMASS results was positive. The attendees had downloaded some of the AMASS resources before the Workshop and were really committed. Questions were asked about installing dedicated servers, how the development will continue after the project, and the role of the community in the future.