7th AMASS General Meeting

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The AMASS consortium gathered together in Trento on February 13th and 14th for the 7th General Meeting of the project. The meeting was hosted by FBK. Thirty-three people attended the meeting. They outlined the work performed during the sixth semester of the project, presented the ongoing work, and discussed the work until the end of the project. Both technical and non-technical aspects were covered.

The discussions on technical aspects focused on the validation and evaluation of the AMASS results in the 11 industrial case studies: Industrial and Automation Control Systems, Advanced driver assistance function with electric vehicle, Collaborative automated fleet of vehicles, Design  and safety assessment of on-board software applications in Space Systems, Platform Screen Doors Controller, Automatic Train Control Formal Verification, Safety Assessment of Multi-Modal Interactions in Cockpits, Telematics Function in Automated and Connected Vehicles, Safety-Critical SW Lifecycle of a Monitoring System for Air Traffic Management, Certification Basis to Boost the Usage of MPSoC Architectures, and Design and Efficiency Assessment of Model-based Attitude and Orbit Control Software Development. The progress made on the application of the latest version of the AMASS Tool Platform (Prototype P2) was presented as well as the work on benchmarking AMASS results by comparing how CPS assurance and certification activities are performed without and with the results. Coverage in the case studies of the P2 features and of AMASS goals was analysed too.

As non-technical aspects, the status on networking, community building, industrial impact, exploitation, dissemination, and standardisation was outlined. The actions since the last general meeting include the finalisation of the exploitation plans and market analysis, and the revision of the AMASS open source platform provisioning and website. Regarding the actions until of the end of the project, several progress reports will be prepared. The main event for networking, dissemination, and training will be the AMASS Open Industrial Workshop.

Finally, the content and structure of the final project review in May and the work to prepare it were discussed. Online meetings will be held in the next weeks to agree upon the details of the review.